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Leave a charitable gift in your Will

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Kindness and Mental Health – a charitable gift in your Will?

Mental Health Awareness Week 18th – 24th May 2020

May 21st, 2020 by Nightingale Law Ltd


The coronavirus pandemic is having a huge impact on our mental health.  It is affecting every aspect of our lives.  Kindness is often linked to mental wellbeing, as it is defined by doing something towards ourselves and others, motivated by genuine desire to make a positive difference.  So whilst so many of us are still in lockdown or anxious about travelling to work, it’s important to be kind not just to others, but to ourselves too.  Taking ‘time out’ to consider what can help our own mental health during these challenging times can have a huge positive effect in all areas of our lives.


Does this pandemic provide us with an opportunity to re-think what kind of society we want to emerge from this crisis?  Do we want a kinder society?


Inequality is rising in our society and its harmful effects on our health and mental wellbeing demand that we do more to build a better society.  As child poverty rises, children and young people in the poorest parts of our country are more likely to experience poor mental health than those in the wealthier parts.


The Coronavirus crisis has put vulnerable children in even more danger. Lockdown means they are hidden from view and trapped at home, trying to cope with their worries and worsening mental health.  The Children’s Society has been supporting parents to understand and respond to children’s mental health giving them tips to get through this difficult time.


After the 2008 recession it was the most vulnerable in our communities who experienced the most devastating effects on their mental and physical health.  Let’s not make that mistake again after the Coronavirus pandemic.


It’s time to reshape our society and prioritise the things that are really important – health and mental wellbeing.


Mental health charities such as Mind help people in some of their darkest hours, providing hope and support.  Sadly, during these difficult and challenging times many of these charities are struggling with funding.  Your donations are so incredibly important to their work.


Leave a charitable gift in your Will

You can demonstrate your act of kindness by leaving a charitable legacy in your Will.  You decide how much you wish to leave.  Our Online Will service allows you to select a charity of your choice from a dropdown list.  Alternatively, you can add the name of the charity you would like to support and that charity will become one of the beneficiaries in your Will.

It’s that simple!


Help build a kinder society during your lifetime – and ‘after’ your lifetime too.


Create your Online Will today and leave a charitable gift to a cause close to your heart

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